WIP Feb 17

I have been doing alot of sewing this weekend and earlier this month.  I have a couple of projects to share.  First I read something on Pattern Review about a women who created her own dressform.  This intrigued me, so I thought I would give it a try.  I have tried the duct tape thing twice without any luck, partly cause my daughter helped and she has no interest in sewing.  The post which I can’t find for the life of me.  The reviewer basically cut out a princess seamed dress and made it to fit her body exactly, closed it up, and stuffed it.  I did something similar but I am not super petite and didn’t want to have to do all of that stuffing, besides I thought it would be too lite.  So I bought a mannequin online ($18),  padded it (making it pinnable) and proceeded to take my dress form and squeeze it on top of this.   I took an old bra stuffed it (36D) and put it on top of the dress form which by the way was a male form.  The female forms are so small and I wasnt sure of bust placement.  So with a male I figured I could put my bust in a realistic place on this body.  I lost my patience with it and cut out excess fabric in the bust area and was unable to fit her completely.  I am going to try again. I just had to take a break.  Actually the pictures above with the lycra fabric are on the ill-fitting form.  It is a very close likeness but I am going to perfect it!! Here are some of the pictures.

Princess seamed dress

Squeezing the pattern

I have two almost completed projects to show.  The first is my pyschodelic print I bought this weekend for $5.  There was only 1 3/4 yard left on the bolt so I took it.  Wasnt sure what to do with it though.  In the end I saw a pattern with this fabric on it and decided to use it.   Butterick 5246

I want to change the neckline.  It is a little boring.
I want to change the neckline. It is a little boring.

The other is a Vogue wrap dress I have read alot about on PR.  I decided to go with a red matte jersey and dress was coming out well but it is too big.  So now I have to take out the belt which is stitched to the bodice and take in the bodice and put it all back together again.

Red Matte Jersey


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