I am sooo excited about the sew along.  I have never participated in one of these and dont know exactly what the protocol is for this.  That being said I have ordered two books one I got from Clevergirl’s site.  The first book I ordered is Sew Fashion Design.  It covers slopers, pattern drafting, and fitting.  The other is Dorothy Moore’s Pattern drafting and Dressmaking.  I have just checked my mail box (slipped and fell on the way to the mailbox in our ice and snow covered driveway) and its not there yet.  The pattern that I decided to use for the sew along is V1040

The description says Unlined fly front, side seam pockets with topstitching detail, back darts, buttonhole welt pockets, contoured self faced waistband with hook and eye closure.  Pants sit 1″ below waist.

I want to practice the side seam pockets (tried this before and the pockets bowed outward not attractive).  I also want to do welt pockets incidently I found a tutorial on piped welt pockets.  I would love to try this as well but I will see how everything else goes.   Last but not least I like that these sit 1″ below the waist most of my pants have a crotch that is too long.  I will begin cutting out my muslin now!!.

11 thoughts on “PANT SEW ALONG

  1. geeksewing says:

    I’m glad you left a comment in my blog! It’s great to be connected to other pattern drafting enthusiasts. The knowledge grows…

    But I just noticed your blogroll. ROFLOL! I’ll be forever known now as the mom with a “little home grown.” He he he…

    1. DeDe says:

      I am just getting into the drafting part but I really enjoyed it and i like reading anything about sewing. I am glad to know someone else who sews. I don’t know any other sewers in my area. This blogging has really been good and motivating for me.

  2. Antoinette says:

    We’re in the same boat b/c I have never participated in a sew-along, either! LOL The next “goal” is to have first muslin sewn by 2/7 if I remember correctly. I figure if I get in a fitting pickle I will post photos of the ill fit and get some feedback from everyone about how to fix it. That’s where I’ve had problems with previous pants and just given up.

    Anyway, everyone’s just excited for some peer support to finish nice pants, so I say let’s just have fun along the way! Glad you are sewing along! 😉

  3. DeDe says:

    Thanks. I will remember to do that. I also am learning blogging as I go along. I have had problems with fit as well. I always have to do a Waist adjustment for my full tummy. Oh and that’s March 7.

  4. Cindy says:

    Hi- I am so happy that you are making the same pattern. My one concern about it is the back welt pockets–They look so high in the drawing– I am going to check the pattern pieces with a RTW garment. Good luck!

    1. DeDe says:

      I am about to post my 1st Muslin, but my pockets were in a pretty good place but I needed more pants above them!! I guess my tummy isnt the only big body part of mine!!LOL.

  5. Cindy says:

    DeDe– how is the muslin going. I am doing some adjustmenst to the musin right now. could you email me? I have some questions…I greatly appreciate your help!!

  6. BErry says:

    I love the pants you picked. They resemble the one in my head that I’m trying to draft ;o) I can’t wait to see how your muslin is coming along. It will be a great inspiration.

    1. DeDe says:

      Thanks. I just hope they come out well. I am almost ready to try on the muslin. I will try and post pictures tomorrow, my camera wasn’t working well last week.

  7. geek sewing says:

    I’m also cutting out my muslin today. It’s an all day process for me. I get interrupted every five minutes. I thought I would finish yesterday, then my husband got a headache. Hmmm… he’s been getting a lot of those lately… time to keep track of how often he gets them and go see the headache specialist.

    Anyway, I do prattle on. I really like your pattern. I’m also going to learn welt pockets with this one!

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