Pant Sew Along part III

Well I have completed the second Muslin. I think I still need to tweek the crotch. I will be cutting in my fashion fabric next. I am going to take a pair of great fitting pants I have at home and compare the crotch with these and make adjustments. I can live with the way they are now. I used contrasting threads to see if I did anything wrong with the welt pockets. Accuracy is imperative with the first two stitching lines on welts. The zipper needs to be shortened for this pattern as well. I also am having trouble with the front pockets puckering. I am going to forge ahead though. I will complete these pants!!!

I found some interesting links:
Camel Toe Causes

Camel Toe Correction;


9 thoughts on “Pant Sew Along part III

    1. DeDe says:

      Thanks Tiffanie. I like your blog!! I will be reading it. How are you?? I am new to blogging and am still trying to learn it all.

  1. DeDe says:

    Thanks, Mary. I actually found a very good site on the welts and the real ones should look much better. I was sewing the entire rectangle instead of just the two parallel lines. I needed the practice, the last time I did a welt pocket was probably 10 years ago!!

  2. geeksewing says:

    I didn’t realize that I had left my comment on the Puckering Pocket picture rather than here. Anyway, perhaps place twill or some kind of stabilizer on the front’s side seam? Supposedly (according to Sandra Betzina, if I remember correctly), the strip of twill (or some heavy stabilizer) helps keep the pocket closer to the body.

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