Those Pants !!!!#:J#IO!!!

Let’s just say I am still working on them!!! I am not happy with the fabic. It has a good weight to it but still see thru, so much so that I tried to cut most of the front pockets off which showed through like to giant letter C’s on my front thigh. I only hesitated at taking them out completely because I worked so hard on them with that pocket stay. The zipper came out perfect!! I am very happy with it. I made a few other changes though including extending the back crotch with the protruding seat adjusment and lowering the front crotch by 1/2 inch. I created the pocket stay and extended it into the zipper expecting the pockets to lie flat. They do not. Somehow I got a stain on the back welt pocket. (why did I do white again) I just have to add on the waistband and hem them, but I keep looking at the pants bottom and want to let them out a little. So I may do that. I like boot cut pants. At the last minute I decided to try the welt pocket technique from the link on the right but they did not come out even. I should have followed the directions from the pattern which turned out ok in the muslin. Last night I read an article in Threads #122 on welts and I think this would have been a much better way to achieve accuracy. Needless to say I am still working on them. I hope to have pictures up with them on me by this weekend. Sorry for the late post I had to take a break from them. I will post later what I worked on while on hiatus!!

9 thoughts on “Those Pants !!!!#:J#IO!!!

  1. Gwen says:

    Do not give up on these pants. You are well on your way to your perfect pant. Once you have them fit exactly as you want, and the details worked out, it’s a simple matter to make all the pants you want.

    Good job.

  2. Mary Nanna says:

    well done for keeping on .. you’ve chosen a pattern with a whole lot of details .. (welt pockets, bain of my existence!)

    can’t wait to see see them tho’ – I bet they’ll look great

  3. Sew-Ann says:

    Yea I’m just now seeing your comment. I’m the queen of used on amazon when it comes to books.

    Seems we have similar body types from the waist down. I’m going to subscribe to keep up with your adventures.

  4. Tee says:

    Great job on the welt pockets and the zip turned out really professional looking! Can’t wait til May 23—I am trying HARD not to buy any fabric. I fell off the wagon last week when I had to go to A Fabric Place for a client. I bought a beautiful peach/pink/yellow cotton print.

    1. DeDe says:

      Thanks. I am trying not to buy also but Hancocks has linen on sale I am just going to take a peak!!! Right.

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