Been Gone Too Long!!!

I have been really busy with my day job yall. It was the Fiscal Year end from Hell. It’s almost over. I havent done much sewing but thought I would post an update on my status. I did get to order a dressform. It took me two days to pad it to my dimensions. FUNNY lookin at your self in 3D. I have been working on a top to test out the fit and so far soo good. I will post a picture of the dress form as soon as I get the camera and take it. I actually purchased the medium form even though my dimensions suggested the large. My frame is medium so it worked out well. The large wouldnt have worked for me at all so I am glad I went with the medium and hope to lose some weight. LOL!!! Meanwhile I do have some pictures to show. I bought a couple of retro patterns at the thrift store for twenty five cents each!! Believe that. I couldnt pass them up just cause of the price.Vintage SimplicityOriginal MAXI BUTTERICK VINTAGE

5 thoughts on “Been Gone Too Long!!!

  1. Sew-Ann says:

    I was just over here yesterday looking at your pants muslin searching to find any notes you listed on problem areas and alterations as I have the same front and back issues with pants.

    Glad to see you are back to posting and there retro patterns are nice as well.

    1. DeDe says:

      I am actually in the process of finishing these. I didnt like the fabric (it would have been fine except I chose white and its a little too sheer for me) but after all the work I want to finish them. I will blog about them and give details on the changes I made and my reference materials.

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