2010 RESOLUTIONS & M5710!!!

I dont know about everyone else but I say Goodbye 2009!! (and Good Riddance) LOL!!! It was a pretty rough year for me but starting a blog positive, enjoying all of the sewing blogs (priceless). I LOVE looking at everyone’s work and tutorials. I dont know anyone who sews, soooo I really enjoy meeting, greeting, and reading all of the bloggers out there!!! Anyways back to what I was saying. New Years Resolutions besides my normal lose weight (lol), I want to in a nutshell sew more as I didnt complete nearly as many projects as I dreamed of:

1. Sew more pants (last year the pant sew along was fun, I learned alot but never finished the pants. Part of the problem was the fabric was white and a little too see thru for me to actually finish them so they became a muslim or I should say a learning experience)

2. I am truly in love with the sheath dress and have 4 of them I want to complete.

3. I want to make a coat.

4. Take a tailoring class which would help me make some blazer style jackets.

5. Take a Quilting class maybe applique. I made my first quilt about 11 years ago. I was really obsessed with it stayed up all night to give it to my sister in law for my new neice. Wish I had a picture of it. It had a cute Teddy Bear appliqued on it.

6. Last but not least BLOG MORE CONSISTENTLY. I am hoping for once a week but 4 times a month I know I can do!!


I’ve had these on my list every since I saw them on the mahogany stylist blog.
I actually started them in 2009 but finished them this year so I am calling them the 1st project 2010. I bought the fabric at G street in August of 2008. They are black with a pale magenta stripe and a faint white stripe. I am not sure of the content but the have a little stretch to them. Now the pictures. This one is without make-up and now you know why I love my MAC!!!

Here is the one with make up, much better.

Here is the problem. I need to get rid of these lines on the back view.

Finally a side view. My daughter took these pictures which is why I am looking at her funny. We gotta practice more. LOL!

I liked the pattern although I had to take a couple inches off the sides but I believe it is a wide pant pattern. I am gonna make them again and see if I can get rid of those wrinkles. I absolutely love them. I wore them to work already and they were soooo comfortable. I am planning on making a few more. I have cut out another pair using Simplicity 2700. Any help is much appreciated!!!

5 thoughts on “2010 RESOLUTIONS & M5710!!!

  1. Gwen says:

    I believe that your wrinkles are caused by the pant being too tight in the back inseam. The pants are pulling toward the back inseam. If you let out the back inseam from the crotch down to above the knee, I think you’ll see those wrinkles disappear.

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