New Vogue Patterns!!

First I have to admit I am totally addicted to patterns. I mean I cant help myself!! LOL. Especially if they are on sale. I have gone through the tons I have to eliminate some. I created a stack to donate to a local sewing org here, but I think I have bought and replaced them all already and that is pathetic. But I just love the possibilities. Anyhow here are the new Vogues that I love and the next pattern sale (cause I dont buy patterns unless they are on sale). I am going to get em!!! Does anyone else mark there calendars for the fabric store sales????

3 thoughts on “New Vogue Patterns!!

  1. lyn walsh says:

    please help, i am trying to find a new pattern that was advertised in the current marie claire magazine advert quoted as vogue pattern 1087 but its not the right one , thanks lyn

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