caption id=”attachment_479″ align=”alignleft” width=”283″ caption=”SILVER STAR ES85″][/caption]Well my gravity feed iron came, but it was missing the water tank, hose, teflon shoe. I contacted the seller and apparently he was sick and had his brother ship it for him. The brother didnt realize it all went together and only sent the iron. The unfortunate thing is he threw out the rest of the items by mistake. The seller told me he would sell it to me at a discount or refund my money. I could only find one retailer who had the water tank and he told me it was $49.99 which is ridiculous for something that cost me $59. I told the seller I would just send it back and get my money back. I think I will just order one new from Allbrands.

The good news is :

I have had a love of Threads Magazine for many years and have been missing this issue which now completes my collection of magazines from 2000 until today. They must have gotten a hold of some more because the have been out of this issue for a long time. I am ecstatic!!!

I am also planning on buying a new sewing machine. The one I have Babylock Ellure (bought used in 2000) is pretty old but has been reliable with zero problems. I am interested in the Ellure Plus or the Espire. I really am only interested in Garment sewing. The Ellure I currently own does embroidery but I am ashamed to say I have never used this feature. I thought about trading it in to help with the purchase of the new machine but I kinda love her and dont want to lose her. I mean she is reliable and I dont have a backup machine anyway. Besides when I inquired about trade-in value I was told maybe $150. (Over my dead body) Anyway if anyone has either of these machines or any knowledge on them please give me your opinion. I went to my Babylock retailer yesterday and ooohhed and ahhed over them. This retailer would sell me the Espire for $2099 and the Ellure Plus $1800, but another retailer about 30 miles north of me quoted me Ellure Plus $1500 and the Espire $2300. What do you think???



I love to hear Feedback!!

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