Well I decided on the Espire and have already sealed the deal. The only thing I am waiting for the machine to come in. The owner of the sew n vac near me called (Monday) and is expecting a shipment tomorrow. I cant wait!! It has been a looooonnnggg week. Hopefully it will come early Thursday and I can pick it up after work. I hope I dont have to wait until Friday !!!LOL!!! I already took the day off on Friday. We are finally finishing the basement and I will have a dedicated Sewing Room!!! I would like to ask opinions on organizing the space. I am not sure how I will set everything up. It is a pretty large room so I am now trying to figure out what I will need and would love some suggestions?? I still have to order my gravity iron but am waiting for my refund for the return first. I have been sewing a little here and there. I have Simplicity 2501 all done except the buttons and buttonholes. I love it and will definitely make it again. I gotta get someone to take a picture of me in it though.

2 thoughts on “BABYLOCK ESPIRE

  1. sheila says:

    Congrats on your new machine and sewing room.

    Also Thank you so much for the beautiful compliment on my top.

    In my sewing room I find most useful is my audio peers and the hutch my guy scored from the thrift store. The hutch houses my 6 machines and the bottom draws hold some of my fabric stash. As for the 2 audio peers that were scavengered from another room, holds my patterns and other craft stuff. Also shelves are useful too, I’m a collector of gift boxes and use them to store buttons, elastic, and so forth and place the boxes on the shelves for easy access.

    Definitely check out thrift shops, my cutting table is a 4×6′ executive office desk with multiple draws and also came with an extension. I use the extension to house my computer & printer.

    Hope this helps.

    1. DeDe says:

      Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have been searching the internet for ideas. I am definitely going to check out thrift stores. I got a question for you. What is an audio peer? I have been trying to figure out a good storage option for my patterns. Right now I use 3 two drawer file cabinets and am thinking to purchase one tall cabinet for all of them.

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