I have actually been sewing. I feel like I have a million UFO’s. I have many ideas, fabrics, but slow progress. We are in the process of finishing our basement with a designated room for me. I can’t wait. Originally I had a room above my two car garage that was great, (I have to look for pictures to post) but it was sweltering hot in the warmer months and just as cold in the winter. We have to fix the problem. This is how I stopped sewing cause it is sooo hard to pull out all of the things required and then put it away. Anyhow I was using my dining room but it was too public for me. I really didnt like visitors coming in looking at all of my mess stuff. Soooo one day I decided to move it cause I wasnt about to give it up. I moved it to my bedroom when my husband wasnt home!! LOL. It was a small amount at first but it is slowly beginning to take over. Anyway now I will have another dedicated space for my hobby. I have been racking my brain on trying to figure out a configuration that would work. I know I need an ironing station, Some sort of filing system for patterns ( I have a million of them and if I try to condense them I will have half a million) Dress form, a lounging chair for reading with ottoman. A sewing table large enough for my machine, serger, and possible storage underneath for an additional machine, a mirror, cutting table, and some book cases because besides sewing I love books and magazines!! The room has one window and a double wide closet. The room has Bamboo flooring now but I didnt take updated pictures yet. Any suggestions or help with organizational tips, where to purchase, or what to purchase are appreciated.

Doorway, Window, and Closet all pretty close to each other.
Closet Close up
From the Doorway looking in

The projects I have been working on:

Top. Well I have it just about completed. I actually had it all done but the buttons, but didnt like the collar thing. After debating on what type of collar to change it to, I looked at the top after I took the scarf thing off and and really like it with a collar at all. LOL!! So now I have to add the buttons.


Simplicity 2501
I made this dress more difficult than needed. It is truly an easy pattern but I cut the fabric from the wrong side of the pattern making the pleats in reverse. I just hadnt realized it when it came time to move the large pleat and I kept trying to make it in the opposite direction. (confusing I know LOL) By the time I realized it I wasnt happy with the plain fabric and will be making it again but in a print with short cap sleeves. All I have left to do is bind the neckline and hem! It is quite comfortable even if it is boring. I will add jewelry to jazz it up.

The last project I am discussing today (cause there are more) is Vogue 8511. This pattern is soooooo large. It was not very attractive on me. Part of the problem is I cut the dress tooo large. The next thing the pleats are huge and are at the fullest point on my tummy. UGH! I took out two pleats and made the others half their size. I then had to adjust the bodice cause like I said before I cut it too large. I am thinking about lowering the neckline because my chest just looks sooo large. I think part of the problem is I am trying to work with prints and having a hard time. I would have to wear this with black too offset the pattern. It seems soo busy to me!! Help. I am open to suggestions. Should I leave it as is? Lower the neckline or make it a V? or remake it into a pencil skirt??

Vogue 8511

I cant get this picture to turn to stay turned to save my life!!! LOL! Part of the reason I dont blog enough is the time it takes me to post. I am learning as I go. Forgive me!!


  1. Melodye says:

    Try “Dream Sewing Spaces” by Lynne Ranney (sp) Black. It comes highly recommended by lots of other sewists.

    I like the print dress with the black jacket. If you have enough left make a tank to wear with the jaket and either a pencil skirt or slacks.

    1. DeDe says:

      Thanks melody. I actually have the book and it is very good. I think I am going to have to put the furniture I have in the room and see what works. Of course I just want it to work the first time around but I know I will probably change the space a million times before I get what I like.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I was going to suggest the same book! And two hints…use lots of lighting and put a lot of shelves into that closet to store your fabric! Good luck with the new room and can’t wait to meet you in Philly!

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