V1092 WIP

This past weekend I went through all of my WIP or should I say UFO (Unfinished Objects). I am going to start completing some of them. It was a little overwhelming the amount of unfinished projects I have. I took pictures of them to catalogue (cause its that many) and complete. Anyway when I saw this Tracey Reese pattern last year I fell in love with the skirt. I love all things Black and white, pin striped, and linen. I got all three in one design gotta love that. I came across what looks to be the identical fabric from the envelope but there was only a remnant (less than a yard) available. I grabbed it and came home thinking I could make it work. Well it took some time and maneuvering, in the end I had to piece together some of the pieces to make it work.

Skirt Back Bottom
Back Godet Should be on Fold
Skirt Side Front

After all of that I must have gotten bored because I never put the skirt together!! Anyway I had forgotten all about it until I saw Erica B’s a couple of months ago. She did a great version!! Then I thought I will make that for the summer. Well it is all done except the hem. I did not have enough fabric for the waist band so I had to improvise.

Back Inset Close Up

Skirt Back
Skirt Front

I love this look!! I did not have any fabric left to spare. Originally, I was planning on using plain black linen for the waistband but the linen I had on hand was only a little over 2 yards and I didnt want to go through the same thing again with stretching the fabric. I was afraid that not using waistbands would make the skirt too short soo I havent hemmed it but it is a scant hem. I will review it and get pictures of me in it this weekend!!!

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