What I’ve Been Up To

<Well Alot! LOL!!! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in months. I get so caught up with the fiscal year end close at work which basically takes up my entire summer and then I had the brilliant idea to start Grad school. All and all I have still kept up with sewing just not blogging. I LOVE blogland and am in awe of all of the beautiful things everyone creates, but I have really started to appreciate the additional work that everyone puts into blogging. How does everyone find the time??? Question of the day.

I wanted to share what I have completed, what I'm working on, and some of my many WIP. LOL!!!

My daughter (who is very indecisive –where could she have gotten that from) went to her school's homecoming and this was the 2nd or third dress (cant remember) she decided she would love to have. So I thought it looks pretty easy. Wrong.

I didnt realize the skirt was probably cut on the bias until after it was cut. Anyhow after fooling with alllllll of those layers (6) in that skirt! I have a WHOLE new respect for pattern drafting let me tell you. I had real issues with the zipper and did my first lapped zipper. Anyhoo here is a picture of the final product.

Now for what I’m working on:

I started this OOP Anna Sui V2794 just before the weather changed.

I have wanted to make this for a long time and decided to do it in a non-traditional fabric, a dark cotton kind of a wearable muslin. I only interfaced the lapels and it has no lining (it isnt supposed to be lined). I love the details on the sleeves and will definitely make it again in a traditional suiting fabric with the pant but I will line my next version. Here are the pictures:


I still have to put the buttons on and hem.

My latest project is a small wale corduroy. It is midnight blue and grey herringbone print. I bought about a year ago at Joann’s. The pattern I used is Butterick 4610

It is very well drafted. I decided I wanted something a little more structed and used the following materials to help me:

I must have watched that DVD at least 4 times and havent seen it all the way through yet. I love how each part in making the jacket is it’s own chapter so I could go back and play that specific portion. What I have realized is how important interfacing is under the garment and I mean layers of it. I did a back stay, shoulder guards, and put in a roll line. I have to do the facings and lining, hem and find the One button but so far I love it. Here are some pictures:

I still have to put in sleeve heads and shoulder pads, lining and hem. I am fairly amazed at how fast I am completing this project. I just cut the jacket out a week ago, that’s pretty quick for me. I was hoping to wear it to work tomorrow but there is no way I will finish this tonight.

The last pattern sale I went to a different Hancock’s than I normally go to and they havnt emptied out the old Vogues. I couldnt believe it when I came across this one:

I love this dress and probably would color block but not do the asymetrical hem.

Another next project I want to do next is this great jacket I believe Adrienne posted about months ago and I have the perfect fabric and pattern. I didnt take a picture of the fabric but it is a stretch dark navy denim with a faint black leopard print going through it. Here is the pattern:


a href=”https://ddsworldofsewing.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/planning-048.jpg”&gt;

3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. Bernice says:

    Your daughter’s skirt is really cute! Great job!! Your jacket is beautiful! I love all the details. All that work really paid off.

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