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I joined the Accessory Hop over from Toy’s  blog and wasn’t sure what to blog about.  I love accessories as much as everyone else but am not always sure how to put things together.  I decided to show a couple of looks that I currently wear and plan on wearing in the future.  Belts are my number one go to accessory.  I used to think I couldn’t wear them because of my full stomach but now I’ve learned how to wear them.  I had a lot of fun with this.

Here’s what I came up with:

Snakeskin is everywhere this year and I found a belt with just a touch to incorporate into my wardrobe.

Vogue 8696 quick and easy jacket with belt.

100911 012


Plain boring black shirt jazzed up with belt.

100911 009

100911 005100911 006100911 007100911 008

Silver Purse can all be carried when wearing belt.

Accessories 009


New Belt option:

Accessories 006Accessories 007

Add sparkly shoe perhaps with jeans??

Accessories 016

Here is one with me in it. LOL!! Posted about here.



Next my all time favorite belt!!   LOL!!

Dressing down this fabulous top.

Accessories 011


Dressing this top up a bit.

Accessories 012


Future project would work with this belt too.  LOL!!

Accessories 013

In case you want a change here is a scarf thrown in too.

Accessories 008

And a necklace:

Another project in the queue but not finished yet.  Maybe today.

Accessories 014


New Belt and Necklace for future project.  Am I the only one who matches there existing fabric with the accessories on hand? Vogue 1220

100911 018



Lastly, here is a quick and easy project for a belt.  A little while ago I fell in love with this belt I found but they only had one left and it was Small.  I could fit it around my waist because it was an elasticized one.  I tried to leave it in the store but came back the next day and bought it.  I wore it twice and that elastic stretched all out of shape.  LOL!  I looked at the belt and realized I could replace the elastic.  Lo and Behold they have elastic belting in the fabric store.  Who knew?  I did not.  Anyway,  now when I see a belt that I love I look think of the elastic option.  The snakeskin belt earlier in this post was bought at one of my daughter’s stores at the mall.  It was extra small and on sale for $5.   It’s pretty simple and easy to do.  Here is how to do it:

1. Measure the width of your elastic belting and purchase some.

2. Take out the stitches holding in the original belting.


Next slide the new belting into place and stitch in the same premade holes from the original. and all done!

belt A

3 thoughts on “Accessories Hop

  1. toy says:

    I love how you featured your belts with you have already and what you are planning on making, thanks for joining the Hop, I know this took some time to put together

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