First project of 2012– Catching Up

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My husband is a welder and thought it would be great if i could make him a bag for his hood.  I was apprehensive about this little project and wasn’t sure if he understood the time I’d have to put into this customized bag for his supplies.  It changed from just for the hood to being able to hold multiple items and multiple sizes.  He had an idea of it being made out of something nylon-esque but I thought duck cloth would fit the job better and more durable.  It was his bag so I went along with his choice but used some duck cloth for the bottom.  It took me almost an entire day to complete one bag!! LOL!! I had no idea it would take that long and he laid on the couch in my sewing room the entire time sleep  watching t.v.  In the end he loved it.   I kind of created it as I went along.  There are two zippered pockets on the outside.  One is shorter than the other so I decided the opening that was left on the outside was a great place for his welding goggles.  There are also 6 pockets on the inside in varying sizes.  I used a paper bag pattern (McCalls I think) for groceries and adjusted from there.

One thought on “First project of 2012– Catching Up

  1. sewtellme1113 says:

    Such a nice wife you are. I hope he appreciates it. I am about to embark on my first “for husband” project and I’m hoping he appreciates it but not so much that I beome the go to. Great job. I love it!

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