CRAFTSY – Have you Taken a Class

The courses are great!  I’ve signed up for quite a few previously and today noticed alot of courses available for $29.99.  I’ve learned alot but especially like the fact that I can go back and watch them at anytime.  The site also shows completed projects by people who’ve completed the class and actually made something from it which I have not.  Yet! LOL!!!  Anyhow these are the classes I’m registered for and they are all very good and very well done!

I have taken 5, thats right 5 of their courses.  The absolute best class and best deal is The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje is by far the best if you are into dressmaking.  She covered the muslin which includes tracing the stitching lines and altering for fit.  Lining instructions, pick stitching a zipper by hand as well as alterations, and matching plaids and much more  I learned alot and should do a more detailed review.  Maybe later.

I have been wanting to make Jeans for forever so when I saw the Jeanius class by Kenneth King I didnt hesitate.  It was another excellent class on this subject.  It’s from start to finish and he goes into how to copy a current pair to remake them.  I’ve read alot about copying and had not seen or heard of this method before.  It’s time consuming but definitely the most accurate.  (havent tried it yet)  He uses silk organza but is especially careful of the grainlines which would make all the difference.  He has step by step techniques on pockets, change pocket, zipper, topstitching.  Also, special instructions on the back crotch and an interesting idea on the waistband.

Gertie from Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing has taught two classes.  I’ve watched the Bombshell course which was excellent.  It covered sewing a dress with a foundation underneath including boning, bust padding, and waist stays.  It’s onsale now for $25

The other class offered by Gertie is The Starlet Jacket which includes a pattern that she created.  It is a completely tailored class.  It shows how to hand tailor (traditional method) and Fusible Tailor (Conventional Method) an entire jacket from start to finish.  I have only watched about 4 sessions but it’s a really good course.  I liked learning the padstitching.


The last class is actually a quilting course.  I’ve always liked applique quilting and would love to do a modern picture Quilt.  I havent watched all of these classes yet either but what I have seen has taught me alot, once I decide to get started on this.


I love to hear Feedback!!

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