The New Cutting Table Finished

The cutting table is complete! I LOVE it. After several attempts to find the larger 3″ castors that screw in, my hubby measured the legs and thought he could make the other ones work. This table is so sturdy but what I like most is the height. It’s the same height as my original but with 3″ castors I was able to add to it. I’m 5’8″ tall while it’s not super tall it’s just enough to make things difficult when shopping for pants and cutting tables! All in all I spent just over $100 and I can tell she’ll last a long time. And for a bonus I got extra storage underneath. I have to go buy a shelf but that’s it! Here are the pictures:



How it works in it’s new home. After all the work on the table I reorganized my space. The machines are now much easier for me to get to. I found some old unfinished projects and finished them so I have reviews to follow as well! Soon!

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